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Culinary home of Mecklenburg meets upscale ambiance. In addition to a significant transformation in the kitchen, a new advertising appearance is, of course, indispensable. And that's where we come in.

Client & Partner


CI Development
Packaging & Print Design
UI/UX Design
Frontend & Backend Development

Mecklenburg cuisine


The Ratskeller occupies an important place in Rostock's gastronomic landscape due to its unique location. A change in ownership, as well as a new direction for the kitchen, gave us the freedom to develop a unique graphic identity. The core element of our designs was the fusion of rustic Mecklenburg cuisine with an upscale ambiance.

Print Inspiration


Skillfully chosen colors, interesting papers, and graphics created with a lot of manual work produce a coherent overall result. Whether it's table displays, menus, unique wine and water bottles, or large-scale bus wraps, those seeking creative inspiration for a successful restaurant concept should definitely pay a visit to Ratskeller12.

Crafted with Love

Website Experience

And of course, a successful overall package includes a website crafted with love. A new menu structure and many inviting images make visiting the new website a true experience. Booking a table from your smartphone is a breeze.

Unique Menu


Through close collaboration with local printers, we were able to create unique print materials, such as the Ratskeller menu: A book folded into steps in a distinctive landscape format leaves a great first impression of the menu on an oak board. Clearly designed categories and hand-painted symbols playfully guide the reader through the delicacies and whet the appetite.

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funkhaus / Creative Studio Rostock / Agentur für moderne Marken und Websites