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Stadtwerke Rostock

Stadtwerke Rostock is a long-standing customer of ours, whom we have been able to enchant several times with convincing digital services.

Client & Partner
Stadtwerke Rostock AG

from 2018

UI/UX Design
App Development
Data Analysis
Frontend & Backend Development

Digital rethinking


How does one effectively and engagingly communicate with all employees in a large company? How does one establish a digital culture within the organization and encourage a shift in mindset towards digitization? SWRAG approached us with this question. In response, we developed several exciting concepts.

Playful tools

Communicating Digitization

It all began with how to alleviate employees' fears of digitization. How do you make it tangible and turn it into a positive experience? The result was the ‘DIGIS Tool’, an interactive web experience where all colleagues can playfully explore how much the company is actually digitized in percentage terms.

Easter Egg


The goal was to visually represent and present the strategy of the municipal utilities. We wanted to turn it into an experience. The "Strategy House" was created; a small tool with a hidden Easter Egg to encourage employees to explore.

Accessible knowledge

Internal communication

We've developed a fully customizable online guide, designed in the style of Stadtwerke. This allows employees to access all useful information. Furthermore, the intranet developed in the corporate identity of Stadtwerke enables internal communication among employees. The bulletin board and personal to-do list are just a few of the many features in the tools we've developed.

New accents

Our Experience

We've had the opportunity to explore many new concepts and web technologies alongside Stadtwerke Rostock. A significant amount of automation has made the use of the tools more straightforward. Digitization should be simple and carefree.

Up Next

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funkhaus / Creative Studio Rostock / Agentur für moderne Marken und Websites